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Best Man Proposal Box

Propose to your Best Man with candy and alcohol... you can't go wrong!


Here is a list of everything in the box and what it costs! Each box would be roughly around $17.

Paper Mache Round Boxes by Artminds™: Michaels, $2.27 each (Used 40% Coupon)

(Original Price $3.79.)

Brown Shredded Paper: Celebrate It™: Michaels, $4.00 per package

Can use 1 package for about 4 boxes, dependent on size.

Print Out: Templet (Free if you have printer.)

Printed out and put on card stock.

Mini Don Julio Tequila: Liquor Store, $4.99

Mini Fireball Cinnamon: Liquor Store, $1.29

Mini Crown Royal: Liquor Store, $2.99

Sour Patch Kids: Gas Station, ≈$1.29

Total per box: $16.83 + tax

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