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Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!

Updated: May 9, 2019

These were proposal boxes I gave to my Bridesmaids! To make each box it cost about $20. In this post, I will break down what's in the box, where I got it, and how much each thing costs!


Boxes: Michaels, $2.00 each (On Sale) (Original Price $5.)

Brown Shredded Paper: Celebrate It™: Michaels, $4.00 per package

I only used 1 package for 3 of the boxes.

Note: Sometimes there is a cheaper package ($0.79); it depends on your Michaels.

Pink Glitter Paper: Michaels, $1.67 each (On Sale) (Original Price $2.09.)

Print Out: templet (Free if you have printer.)

Printed out and put on card stock.

Peony: Michaels, $2.50 each (On Sale) (Original Price $5.)

Succulent: Pier 1, $3.16 each (On Sale) (Original Price $3.95.)

Cactus Makeup Bags: Amazon, $14.99 (5 pack + you get one for yourself)

Mini Korbel Champagne: Target, $12.99 (4 pack)

Trinket Tray: Target Dollar Section, $1.00 each

Rose Gold Glitter Ribbon: Michaels, $2.17 (On Sale) (Original Price $4.99)

Note: Hot glued 2 strips to back of boxes

Total per box: $21 + tax

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