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Faux Floral Arrangement

This weekend I attempted a DIY Floral arrangement similar, but more whimsical, to the one I saw at HomeGoods! The first step I took was to paint an old vase with textured spray paint. (I learned this trick on TikTok.) Then I used Floral tape to layout my grid and started arranging the flowers. This DIY was simple but spruced up our kitchen nook! Links to the supplies are down below if this is something you feel like attempting.

Side note: This website I found for the faux florals has the BEST Faux Flowers. They are so realistic. I was so impressed! I also bought peonies that I did not use for this arrangement, and they are the best faux peonies I have found thus far.


$149.99 at HomeGoods


Old Vase

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