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How to Get Wax out of Votives

How I got the wax out of my Votives.

After my wedding, I wanted to resale as many wedding decorations as I could, this involved a lot of cleaning of candle wax. When researching (googling) how to get wax out of my votives, I came across this blog with different methods:

If you are about to get married put olive oil or baking spray in your votives! It will save you so much time. If you are about to get married, put olive oil or baking spray in your votive! It will save you so much time. I did not know this trick. If you are in the same situation, this is how I got the wax out of my votives.

What you will need:

An old pot

Your Stove Top

A Spoon that you don't mind breaking/Or Knife


Hand Towels

Step 1:

Put water in you pot and put on stove on the LOWEST setting.

(If you have the votive in the pot too long or on a setting that is not the lowest, it will melt the wax and it will be harder to clean.)

On the Blog I read, she used hot tap water. When I tried this, my water would get too cold and I would have to refill with hot water multiple times. So placing the pot on the stove, keeps your water at a constant temperature.

Step 2:

Start with 3 Votives

Let them sit in hot water (5 Mins Max) and then scoop of the wax with a spoon.

Step 3:

Wash with hot soapy water and place on hand towel to dry

Step 4:

After you scoop out and wash one, place another one in the pot and grab the next one! Repeat till they are all clean.

(I only did three at a time in the pot. If you do too many the wax might melt causing you a larger mess to scoop out. Like how I tried to do in the picture below.)

Step 5:

Dry and pack out to sell!

This process will take a while, and it might cause you to have blisters! I recommended wearing gloves on the tougher ones. Most of mine just slipped right out with a little bit of elbow grease, after I started doing the steps above.

Do yourself the favor and grease those things before you put in your wax to burn.

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