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It's Wedding Season!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

When starting to plan your wedding there is no better way to get ideas for what you would want at your own wedding than going to other weddings! This past weekend my uncle got married (Congrats Uncle Ryan and Sam!!!) and we attended. They had an outdoor ceremony under trees, and then a reception in a venue that was a barn with huge windows. It was so beautiful and gave me a lot of inspiration. This leads me to some of the top things that I want at our wedding.

1. The outdoor ceremony is so beautiful, and I'm pretty sure I'm an outdoor ceremony kind of girl.

2. Get some kids you can trust. Funny story, my little nephew was the ring barrier for this wedding and when it was his turn to bring the rings down the aisle, he threw the ring pillow and ran. It seems that older kids are much better at this sort of thing. Unless you want really cute pictures of little kids in suits, which is not a necessity for me, go with kids you can trust or have a lot of practice.

3. CELLPHONES. During this wedding, cellphones at the ceremony were highly discouraged, and I absolutely love that. I did not see one person on their phone taking pictures or recording the ceremony. This is going to be very difficult for my fiance's side of the family because let's just say they legit record and take pictures of EVERYTHING. When I look back at my ceremony pictures or first dance pictures I don't want to see a bunch of phones, I want to see the reactions and faces of our guests.

4. I love the barn feel with huge open windows, there is so much natural lighting when the barn is facing the "right way of the sunlight." It makes it an outdoor reception feel, but indoors away from all the East Texas bugs.

But if there is not a way to achieve this at the venues near us an outdoor reception will have to be an option. ALSO white or light color flooring is your best friend when it comes to bright natural lighting.

5. I think I will do a mid-day wedding. One reason is that we are not parting kind of people, most of my family does not really dance (except maybe slow dancing) so having a wedding at mid-day and an early dinner feels more like a family gathering than a late night party. Another reason is for the grand exit. Sparklers were used at this wedding and it was beautiful, but I think I will want to do leaves or confetti at sunset. I think driving away in a cute little convertible would be so cute and make for really cute pictures. My fiance also requested to do the paper lanterns that float into the sky, so we will see if he lets me get my way on most things to determine if we can do paper lanterns at sunset. ;) (kidding)

6. Simplicity in floral arrangements. At the wedding, the decor was so beautiful and simple. There was no huge over exaggerated centerpieces and it was the feeling I will be looking for. I will also be using eucalyptus leaves in the table decor because they smell really good.

7. Round Tables and Head Table. I really want to incorporate long rectangular family style tables at our wedding for our guests with maybe a hint of a couple of round tables. I feel that the long tables look more like one big happy family and not a bunch of clicks who never speak to each other. I also never really understood the head table, where none of the wedding party really want to sit. I think I will just do a head table of the groom and me because we won't sit there much anyway, just to eat and have a moment to ourselves.

8. If you are unsure of what one of your family members will wear;

a. Make them part of the wedding party.

b. Let them know your wedding colors and what the wedding party will be wearing for family pictures.

c. Just go with it, and have a little laugh when you get back your wedding photos.

This wedding made me really pumped for what this year has in store for us, so let the planning begin.

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