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Top 10 TV Shows to Watch During Quarantine

As quarantine in Texas and several other states might be coming to an end, you might have come to a point where you have no idea what to watch. Below is a list of my all-time favorite TV shows and series. When Netflix became popular I was in college, so I have seen all there is to see on Netflix. I honestly should have been paid and given the job title Professional Netflix watcher. One of the shows that I have become obsessed with this past week is Servant on Apple TV+. Most of the original shows on Apple TV+ are REALLY good. We got a year free through Verizon wireless. There is only one season of each show on the app, so I'm sure you could get through all the ones you want in a month. If you haven't seen any of the shows below, I highly recommend each of these shows! Stay safe, and enjoy the rest of your quarantine.

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