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We Eloped! :O

Before our dream wedding in August, we eloped on our original wedding day.

Our dream wedding was postponed due to the pandemic. But instead of letting the date that we have been looking forward to for a year and a half go to waste, we wanted to do something special. At our elopement, we wanted to have our family surround us with their love. Our plan was to do it outdoors somewhere in the piney woods of East Texas, but the forecast was horrible for May 16th. So two days before the elopement we went with Plan B, the Dove Hollow Estate in Longview, TX, which ironically was my first choice of wedding venues. Ramtin and I both got to get married at our first choice of wedding venues. AND if we were to have gotten married at the lake on the rainy day of May 16th, our outdoor ceremony would have been tragic. So maybe the stars aligned for us, or my dad wanted us to have two magical wedding days. We have been keeping it to ourselves for the past two months because people were a little confused about what was going on with our wedding. We really just didn't feel like answering so many questions about it. But our dream wedding is in a couple of days, so it's time to share our Elopement!


Photographer: Breana Pulizzi

Hair: Haily Hargrave

Dress: Lulus

Floral: Simply Beautiful Flowers & More (Brandy Ferrer)

Venue: Dove Hollow Estate

Side Note:

I want to thank Breana and Brandy, my photographer and florist, these ladies are so amazing. I seriously couldn't have gone through having to postpone my wedding without them. Bre has been there for me at every step of the way during wedding planning and postponing. Mrs. Brandy kindly made a bouquet for me for this elopement as a wedding gift and has done whatever she could for me no questions asked. Also, I want to thank Madlyn, Natalie, and Haily for doing everything they could for me at VERY short notice. If you are starting to plan your wedding, I can not stress enough to hire vendors that truly care about their clients. I have been so lucky and these ladies in this process and they truly feel like friends more than they do my "vendors."

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