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Bridesmaid Gift for your Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This gift could be as little or as much as you want to make it. The one that I made cost about $60 per bridesmaid. It consists of a robe with their initials and a hanger, a tote from Shutterfly with their initials, fuzzy socks, a Bath and Body Works hair mask, and an emergency kit. The kit has a bag to put everything in, hangover relief tablets, a nail file, Burt's Bees chapstick, blister bandages, two-sided cloth tape, foldable scissors, nipple covers, safety pins, nail clippers, tweezers, makeup wipes, a hair scrunchie, and Advil packs.


Robe from Dillard's (no longer for sale) and Embroidered with Bridesmaids Initials: $30.20

Shutterfly Cotton Tote. $10.81 (Free only pay shipping through email.)

Fuzzy Socks. $6 (2 Pack) TJ Maxx

Bath and Body Works Hair Mask: (Got 75% Off from Semi Annual Sale) $3 ish each

Hangover Relief: (6 Pack) $11.99

Nail Files: (10 Pack) $4.49

Burt's Bees Chapstick: $9.02 (4 pack)

Blister Bandages: (16 Pack) $6.99

Two Sided Tape for Clothing: (50 Pack) $9.90

Foldable Scissors: (6 Pairs) $9.29

Nipple Covers: (6 Pairs) $9.99

Safety Pins: (450 Pack) $7.99

Cosmetic Bag: (10 Pack) $12.59

Nail Clippers: (12 Pack) $7.99

Tweezers: (12 Pack) $9.99

Makeup Wipes: (20 Pack) $5.99

Hair Scrunchies: (12 Pack) $8.99

Advil Packs: (50 Pack w/ Two Capsules) $7.45

Small Pouch Ziplock for Small Items: (100 Pack) $10.99

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