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DIY Wedding Favors (Candles)

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Yet another Etsy inspirational DIY! This time it is candles for wedding favors. I originally was not going to do wedding favors since I am doing a photo booth at the wedding. I feel like the pictures that come from the photo booth would be more than enough when it came to wedding favors. But, I saw a really cute idea on Etsy and decided to do it. I found all the supplies on amazon for a total of $106. I ordered 6 boxes of 18 metal tins, a roll of 500 thank you stickers, and a package of 100 candle wicks. My bridesmaid Mary Katherine and my Nana (thank yall and love yall) wanted to help with this project, so we decided to do it at the next family gathering.

Some other things you will need for this project are ALOT of used candles, newspaper, scissors, a hotplate or electric stove top, mitts (candles get super hot), and something to transfer the wax from the candle to the tin (we started with a larger spoon or ladle and then found it was easier to transfer the wax with a small aluminum pan.)

Things I would recommend for this DIY is to place the wick into the tin right after pouring the wax. When we did it we placed all of the wicks in and then poured the wax. We found that doing it this way the wicks would all just move when we poured the wax in. I would also put manyyy newspapers down because it does go through one layer. And don't order more candle wicks than you need, because you can get the wicks from the old candles you burn!

This DIY does take some time. You will get tired of all the smells. I probably won't want to burn another candle for a year, but my guests will have cute candle wedding favors!

Now all is left is to clean the outside of the containers!

Sorry for the very vibrant table cloth, this is what we were going to use so we didn't get the table dirty but then switched to newspapers.

Etsy Inspiration

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