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DIY Wedding Shoes

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I have been doing a lot of Wedding DIY Things lately and need to get them out there into the world. I am flat-footed, so heels were not an option for me. I wanted a pair of Rothy's because I heard they were very comfortable, but also expensive. (Ranging from $150 to $180.) We are already over budget and who will really see what shoes I'm wearing? So, I decided to find a more price-friendly option. I took to Etsy to find a cute pair of flats or sandals or inspiration. On Etsy, there were cute sandals but were priced 100 dollars or more. Then I found a pair of sandals that were unique. I thought that I could DIY for a much better price.

Inspiration from Etsy

I found the shoes from Amazon for $13.29. I also found the chiffon flowers (1.5") from Amazon as a set of 30 for $12.99 . Linked here:

I then used white yarn to sew the chiffon flowers to the shoes (since they were cheap shoes and I wanted to make sure they wouldn't fall off.) Then I hot glued pearls into the middle of the flowers, like in the inspiration picture.

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