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DIYish Pearl Hanger with your Future Name

While searching for wedding venues, the Wildflower had a cute hanger in the bridal suite that said wildflower bride written in wire lettering. For my wedding dress, I thought it would be a cute idea to have something similar to that hanger I saw at the Wildflower. One day while browsing on Etsy, I saw a wedding dress hanger that you could customize with your future last name. Before I found the customizable wire hanger, I saw another hanger that had pearl detailing along the front. So, I was in quite the predicament, having found two wedding dress hangers that I loved. There was no way I could DIY the wire lettering, but I was sure I could DIY the pearls onto the front of the hanger. So, I decided to combine the two to make it my own.

I ordered the first hanger with wire lettering from Etsy and waited for it to come in. I also waited for a 60% coupon at Michael's. Michaels has a box of flat back pearls that were more than enough for this hanger. When the hanger came finally came in the mail, I gathered my supplies for that weekend. That Saturday, I hot glued the pearls one by one on to the hanger. It was a very time-consuming process, but very simple! Below are pictures of the hanger! I did not take pictures during the process because I was too focused and not a good blogger. I am so happy with this DIY hanger! If you have the time, I recommend doing something like this! (Below is a link to the pearls I used! They were $9.99 originally, but $4 with a 60% coupon.)

Wire Hanger Link:

Pearl Hanger Link:

Pearls from Michael's:

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Looks really pretty!!!!

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