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My First Miss To Mrs Subscription Box!

Box Name: Let's Plan This!


After getting engaged, I have been searching for wedding inspiration on my downtime. While scrolling through Instagram, an ad popped up for a bridal subscription box called Miss to Mrs. I have never had a subscription box but always wanted one. You only get married once, hopefully, so why not make the most out of it! After a quick google search, I found that there were several bridal subscription boxes. After researching what comes in the various boxes, I decided to go with the Miss to Mrs. Box. This box seemed to have really cute things that I would actually use for an engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, the bachelorette party, or even the wedding. Disclaimer... this is not sponsored or an ad, but I wish it was. The boxes come in a 6 month or year subscription, but you can also purchase just one specific box. The Miss to Mrs. Box has a discount of 30% on your first box. For the first month, the subscription is $27.94 which includes a $6.95 shipping charge. Each box after your first month is $36.94. The first box I received was the "Let's Plan This" Box. The box had 7 things in it:

1. A "Giant" Ring Balloon

2. Jewelry Wipes

3. A to-do list styled Notepad that says "Let's Plan This"

4. Two Diamond Pens

5. A gold necklace with a gold shaped diamond

6. A floral tumbler with "Bide to Be" on it

7. Wedding-themed paper clips (bow, diamond, hashtag, and heart)

It also came with two little pamphlets called "11 things every maid of honor should do" and "Wedding Hacks". They even tell you what the theme your next box will be at the end of your information card! So in this box, I could defiantly see myself using the ring balloon for a party, and the gold diamond pen to sign my marriage license. Both would make for a cute photo-op! I have already used the wipes on my ring, and they work well. The paper clips and notepad will come in handy when I get deeper into my wedding planning. The floral tumbler is also cute to use for a "showing off your ring picture." Overall, I think this bridal subscription box is worth the $37. Some of the things in the Miss to Mrs box do seem cheap, but you are probably going to use the items while you are engaged. So why not! I honestly can't wait for my next box. That's what you really want... the excitement of being engaged and being able to get things like the Miss to Mrs. Box!

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