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Miss To Mrs Box - Ultimate Bridal Swag!

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Box Name: Ultimate Bridal Swag!


I was not that impressed with this Miss To Mrs box. When opening this box I was very excited, because the last box was so cute. This month's box is called "Ultimate Bridal Swag."

It was $36.94 including Texas tax. Like the first box, this box had 7 things in it:

1. A Bridal Tote Bag

2. Lace Baseball Cap

3. Yoga Socks

4. A Bridal Pin

5. A Cosmetic Bag

6. A heart shaped ring dish

7. A "Wifey" clothes iron on

The two pamphlets that come in this box are a bridal veil guide and an underwear guide. Half of this months box I don't see myself using. I do like the tote and ring dish. The tote is small but big enough for a beach tote. The ring dish is cute and spacious for all types of jewelry. I will be using it for my engagement ring. I would like the cap more if the syle was not lace. If this cap came as a standard baseball hat with "wifey" on it, I would wear it nonstop. I probably won't iron on wifey to a t-shirt. An idea I had was to iron it on a robe. The cosmetic bag is okay. It does seem like a cheaply made bag. Though, the heart zippers on the cosmetic bag are cute. The yoga socks are a good concept, but the style of the socks are not appealing to me. The socks could use an upgrade in design.

I do not have anything wonderful to say about this months box. Overall I do not think this box is worth $37 like the last box was. I hope the next box, "Wedding Day Essentials," will be a huge step up from this box.

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