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Simple Proposals for your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

Small Box with a Gift Card (or two):

This was prefect for my baby uncle who just started college. I gave him a $10 gift card to a couple of his favorite places to eat. What college kid doesn't love a gift card for food? (Speaking from experience.) You wouldn't need to go all out for this one. Just a gift card to your bridesmaids/groomsmen favorite place to eat or store will do.

Small Girly Box

This was a smaller version of my first bridesmaids proposal boxes. It had a couple of girly things in a small box, such as earrings, hair scrunchies, and small trinket tray. This box costed maybe $10 to make.

A Six Pack w/ a Proposal Label

All you will need for this one is:

1. A six pack of their favorite beer or bottle of wine.

2. DIY Decals w/ Adhesive.

3. A creative label idea (mine done on

4. Print and stick them on!

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