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Elevated Garden Bed

Something that Ramtin and I have wanted to build was an elevated vegetable garden. This weekend we finally found the time to do it. For this project we went with a very simplistic design. We used a 3 ft x 4 inches x 4 inches post in each of the four corners and nailed the fence pickets to these posts. We also used the pickets for the bottom layer of the bed. These were braced with small pieces of wood around the perimeter of the box, and 2x4 legs and bottom brace at mid-span.

Here is a more in depth post from the website where we got the inspiring from:

Enjoy our pictures and time lapse!


(2) 2x4's for legs at mid span (or 1 more 4x4 post)

Tape Measure+Pencil


Brad Nailer (Nail Gun) OR Screws and Impact Driver

Staple Gun


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