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Our Beach Vacation

For our summer vacation, we took a trip to a community in Gulf Shores called Fort Morgan. Ramtin and I have been to the beach every year since we have been together and this is our second year going to Gulf Shores. We decided to take our families because they always do so much for us. We stayed in an Airbnb in Fort Morgan. If you are planning a trip and have not used Airbnb yet, here is a link to use to get a great discount (up to $55) on your stay! This gives me a $30 credit towards my next stay! So if you use it THANK YOU SO MUCH! The Airbnb we stayed at was very nice, but we did have maintenance issues. Our last trip we stayed in Orange Beach and went to the Hangout Music Festival. There are some pros and cons of where we stayed this year, Fort Morgan. The only bad thing about staying in Fort Morgan was that it was a 20-minute drive out. Orange Beach was much closer to Gulf Shores. At the Fort Morgan beaches, there are oil rigs on the horizon, which you don't see in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. This is something that did not bother us, it is just an observation. There were so many great things about Fort Morgan. Something I really loved about it was that the beaches were not crowded. You can also bring your pets to the beach. In Gulf Shores and Orange Beach pets are not allowed on the beach. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach does also feel more touristy, whereas Fort Morgan does not seem that way. Overall, we had a great trip with a minor snag with my grandfather. So, they did miss the family pictures. But, he is home and everything is fine!

Without further ado, here are our beach vacation photos!

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